Southtowns Dental

Increased Online Appointment Bookings by 250%


Southtowns Dental is a family-owned and operated dental office located just outside of Buffalo, New York. They utilize the latest in dental technology to ensure that their patients have painless and enjoyable experiences. While most people still dread the annual trip to the dentist, they want to reassure them that they have nothing to be concerned about at their office, as they go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience.


  • Marketing Director
  • Copywriter

The Goal

Increase the number of online appointment bookings


My first step in this project was to review their current website and look for opportunities to optimize their booking process.

Old Home Page

Home Page Review

Partial List of Services

This may lead users to believe that the office doesn’t perform a specific service that they need and cause them to look elsewhere.

Too Copy-Heavy From the Start

There were too many paragraphs near the top that weren’t necessary. A lot of this information was mentioned again throughout the page, so I recommended that we shorten this to 1 paragraph that concisely sums up their business.

No Photos of the Office

Visiting a new dentist can be intimidating. My suggestion was to add more photos from inside the office to show potential patients what they can expect.

Information Hidden Behind Toggles

I always tell our clients that they should never hide information behind a hover or a click unless they have a really good reason for it. Since this section is explaining why they are the right choice, I also recommendeded that they mention 3 of their core values that I found listed on the about page to help build trust: Excellence, Respect, and Compassion.

No Call-to-Action

Although they did accept appointment requests through a contact form, it was not mentioned anywhere on the homepage.

Build More Credibility With 3rd Party Reviews

The business has absolutely stellar reviews on Facebook and Google and that is not highlighted anywhere on the site. Although they had testimonials on their current page, if we can pull in the reviews from these 3rd parties, it will only help to build trust and credibility

Lessen Anxiety

While looking on their Facebook, I noticed that they featured a number of patients of all ages smiling and holding fun signs after their appointment. This is a great way to relieve any anxiety about the trip to the dentist and reassure users that they have nothing to worry about, so I want to make sure they are shown on the site as well.

Add a Chatbot

Their contact form isn’t used often, and even when it is, it is actually more inconvenient for the staff to reach back out and ask for availability and set an appointment. My solution to this was to use a chatbot to increase submissions while collecting more information up-front so that the office could reach back out with a few dates and times for them to select.

There are 3 different funnels of questions used in this chatbot, one to set appointments, one to set up a consultation and tour the office, and one to ask general questions. Since they are a local, family-run dental office, we wanted to make sure that it didn’t feel like the user was speaking to an emotionless robot. I worked closely with our copywriter to make sure the overall voice of the chatbot matched the website and the brand.

Emphasis on Free and No Obligation

While the website’s old call-to-action did say that the consultation was free and there is no-obligation, it wasn’t actionable enough. Our copywriter and I decided to adjust the headline and the button text to encourage users to take action. I also added a colored overlay to a more simple background image to increase legibility.


Updated Home Page


Since implementing all of these changes, the office’s online bookings increased by 250% and their general contact submissions also experienced a spike in activity. If time and budget would have allowed, I would have loved to go through the rest of the site to see how else we could improve and optimize, but this was a great starting point.

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