A conceptual mobile app geared towards making grocery shopping easier

I dread grocery shopping… but I see opportunities to make it more enjoyable

This concept is framed around my store of choice – Wegmans

Tools Used

  • Figma
  • Protopie

Two apps that don’t work together

Wegmans has an app where you can add your grocery list and it will tell you where to find each product. They also recently added their Scan app which allows you to scan your items in as you shop.


Build your grocery list and check items off as you go through store

Wegmans Scan

Scan and bag items as you go, avoiding checkout lines

Exciting new checkout experience, rough shopping experience


I talked to a friend about his experience

A friend of mine mentioned that he uses the scan app. I wanted to find out about his experience and how it made him feel.

The interesting thing is, even with all of the friction while shopping, he still had an overall positive view of the Scan app… and I do too.

I also talked to my father about how he shops

My father, Craig, lives in a very rural town and primarily shops at his local Tops. My grandmother lives in a more populated area near Wegmans.

She has trouble getting around, so he comes out and restocks her groceries every few weeks at Wegmans. He uses a paper list.

Main opportunities to improve

1. Adding items to list

1. Shopping

Adding items on the current experience

Time consuming, repetitive process

Adding items on the new experience

Performing actions in bulk

Instead of jumping between screens, the user will add all of their items at once. The app will intelligently select products that fit their preferences. The user can swap items as needed.


The app selects items for the user

Add to your list using voice, text, or photos

6 bananas, bananas-6, bananas x 6… however the user adds their items, the app will be able to decipher. The user can also add a link to a recipe and the app will pull in the ingredients automatically.

Set preferences during onboarding to get smarter suggestions

The app will continue to learn based on the user’s behavior, but this will help it to understand what is most important to them.

Review and swap items all at once

Smart filters make swapping items quick and easy. Rather than searching through the full inventory of the store, the user can narrow down their results.


Contextual layout based on location

I wanted the app to feel “smarter” by adjusting to the user’s needs automatically based on their location. When they arrive to the store, they will get a prompt to enter this immersive shopping experience.

The Opportunity

Use AR to help users find items effortlessly

Other companies have used low energy Bluetooth beacons to help with this. I would love to dive in and figure out what the most feasible option would be… even if it’s limited to just helping users find the aisle that the next product is in.

Since users will already have their cameras open to scan items, why not help them even more by showing exactly where the items are?

Allow users to scan items without changing apps or jumping between screens

Users can add items without even tapping the screen, they just need to bring the barcode into view. They’ll get a confirmation prompt to avoid accidental additions.


  • Will people be comfortable letting the app make selections for them?
  • Will people be comfortable with so many cameras open in the store?
  • Is this technically possible without a ton of work on the store side?
  • If we can’t target precise hotspots, would it be enough to provide way-finding for areas?


While I believe this concept has merit, I think more research and user testing would be crucial to make sure this is solving a real problem people are having.

I’d like to gather more data about how people generally handle their grocery lists and shopping experiences. It would also be great to test a prototype of actually walking around and scanning items to make sure it feels intuitive/look for opportunities to improve.

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